I capture your personal art treasures.

For me, photographs aren’t just ornaments or keepsakes, but also mental doorways that can lead us to unique moments and places in time or inside ourselves. They are our personal art treasures.

I enjoy photography because it is like collecting the impossible. It offers me an opportunity to share my perspective and vision with other people. It's my intention to capture and present something that you can connect with in a positive way.

A memory or feeling. Something lost - regained.

In this complex, busy world it is important to remember that we are surrounded by moments of profound beauty and importance. Our children, our families - our lives. Sacred moments otherwise lost except for the captured image.

It is my job to capture those fleeting twinkles, shadows and glow, and I take it very seriously.

When you are ready for a free consultation contact me. I'm ready to capture your today for your enjoyment tomorrow.