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1982 Tanzer T26

Welcome to the Sowwanishen home page. Sowwanishen is a 1982 Tanzer 26. Her home port is on Narragansett Bay along the South Coast of Massachusetts.

Tanzer Facts

Tanzers have solid fiberglass hulls and because of the years of their manufacture and the materials used at that time, they are not prone to blistering.

Tanzer sailboats have dedicated and loyal owners that have formed various newsgroups and other "brain trusts" on the net and on the water. These are excellent sources for information about repairing and maintaining your Tanzer!

From the original Tanzer 26 sales brochure: This boat offers qualities that will appeal to the cruising family as well as the racing skipper. She provides both speed and responsiveness that is quite unusual for a production boat. But she is not just a fast sailboat that wins races. Her expansive and comfortable interior as well as forgiving nature make her a safe and easily handled cruising boat for the family.

Tanzer 26 no. 226 sailed the North Atlantic from New York to Lorient, France in 29 days.